Living Land - Episode 13: Alternative sources of Nutrition

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Published on 18 Apr 2016
Episode 13
Agricultural experts around the world believe that growing insects for food can be a safe and effective solution to food shortages. The growing demand for food means farmers will have to increase their yields as well as look for alternative sources of nutrition. Dr Yusuf Abdullah, an entomology researcher at the University of Pretoria, explained that a huge variety of insects are relatively easy to grow and are highly nutritious as well. Using insects as part of the diet could replace some of the required space currently used for livestock. We also visited the Lowveld village of Dzumeri in Limpopo province to meet a community that is establishing a plant to process mopane worms, a traditional delicacy in some of the warmer parts of our country. Finally, we spoke to FANRPAN chief executive Dr Lindiwe Sibanda about ATONU; the Agriculture to Nutrition initiative.