ATONU - Addressing the disconnect between agriculture and nutrition

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

ATONU will answer the question of what agriculture programs can do to achieve positive nutrition outcomes.

The interventions will address the variety of social, cultural and environmental contexts found in African agriculture.

In the Luo language, the project name ATONU means: "I have arrived where I wanted to go." Agriculture has indeed arrived at a place where the focus should widen beyond production and income to improved nutrition. ATONU will work with partners and beneficiaries to design and evaluate effective agriculture-tailored nutrition interventions, and advocate for them. Its primary beneficiaries will be smallholder farm families in four countries: Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania and either Ghana or Uganda. There will be a specific focus on women of child-bearing age and young children in rural households, where the high nutritional demands of pregnancy, development and early childhood must largely be met through food grown, or income earned, on family farms.

Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA)