SDC conducts Regional PHM Learning Workshop

Arusha, Tanzania, From 21 to 25 October, the PHM-SSA consortium attended the SDC Regional PHM Learning Workshop in Arusha, Tanzania. This event was unique in that it brought together all the institutions that are implementing SDC interventions across the African continent, including representatives of FANRPAN and its nodes, Eduardo Mondlane University (EMU) and Plateforme des Acteurs de la Société Civile du Benin (PASCiB); HELVETAS representatives for Benin and Mozambique; and AFAAS representatives.


The four-day learning workshop consisted of a packed programme, largely focused on extracting key lessons from the SDC’s PHM intervention. Senior officials from  HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation attended the event, including Peter Sidler, the Programme Officer for the Global Programme Food Security whose presentation set the scene for the week long engagement.


With a view to ensuring maximum participation and contribution by the participants, the facilitators, Julien de Meyer and Annet Witteveen ensured that the program consisted of various group activities that concluded with interactive feedback sessions, thus becoming the highlight of the week. Activities included role play centred on determining stakeholder roles in PHM value chain, and this involved participants developing and presenting business cases that proposed plausible roles for the private and public sectors, and donors. The presentation of consortium intervention by way of poster presentations proved to be very informative, and helped develop a comprehensive picture of overall SDC interventions on PHM across sub-Saharan Africa. The HELVETAS/FANRPAN/AFAAS consortium was led by Raphael Dischl, the Senior Advisor for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security at HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, who presented the different partner posters.


A major feature of the week-long program was the eventful field visit where the Tanzania PHM consortium showcased field evidence of their efforts to promote the different PHM technologies, especially the metal silo value chain. Participants had the opportunity of receiving first hand feedback from those people directly involved with efforts to multiply technologies, especially metal silos.

Monday, February 17, 2020