RUFORUM’s 13th Annual General Meeting (AGM)

FANRPAN participated in RUFORUM’s 13th Annual General Meeting held 25-27 October 2017 in Lilongwe, Malawi, where the CEO ad interim, Dr Tobias Takavarasha delivered a message of support.
In his remarks, Dr Takavarasha highlighted that the FANRPAN partnership with RUFORUM dates to the origins of FANRPAN, when the Ministers of Agriculture from Eastern and Southern Africa saw the need for an independent policy input to address chronic food insecurity and the challenges of managing natural resources. In 1997, the Deans of the Faculties of Agriculture from eight countries in the SADC region, working as a Consortium met and agreed to set up FANRPAN in response to the decision of the Ministers.
As founding members of FANRPAN, the vision of the forefathers was for Universities to sit side-by-side with government to generate evidence for policy formulation and development. In addition the vision was for Universities as institutions of higher learning,  to sit side-by-side with farmers, agribusiness and private sector to identify policy constraints and recommend solutions.
Focusing on the role that academic research play in policy capacity development; Dr Takavarasha stressed that “FANRPAN and RUFORUM are inseparable twins, as Centres of Excellence in a joint endeavour to ensure Africa is free from hunger and nutrition secure through the creation of suitable policies and capacity to implement them”.
The 13th AGM allowed member universities, stakeholders, and partners to take stock of RUFORUM’s performance, relevance, and sustainability and provide guidance for going forward.
The event was hosted by the Government of Malawi through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology as well as the four public universities in Malawi (Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Mzuzu University, University of Malawi and Malawi University of Science and Technology).