Plolicy Brief Series 07/2018

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Substantial post-harvest losses in cereals and other staple food crops contribute significantly to food, income and nutrition insecurity in Sub-Saharan Africa. Food producers, consumers, their national governments and other food value chain players are failing to prevent staple food losses after harvest. Currently, total food losses in Sub-Saharan Africa are estimated to be worth $4 billion per year, an amount which can feed 48 million people (FAO, 2013). Losses on cereals are estimated to be high and account for about 25% of the total crop harvested. The Mozambican government has put in place strategies to improve yields through research and extension services and improving agricultural infrastructure. Nevertheless, Mozambique continues to experience food deficits estimated at 400,000 tonnes per year. Although modern PHM technologies have been introduced in the major cereal producing regions the adoption rate has been low because the small-scale farmers and traders cannot afford the high costs.