Aflatoxins and Climate Change: Shining a Spotlight on Food Safety and Security Challenges in Africa

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The world’s food systems face two great challenges today: (i) to produce enough food to nourish a global population of seven billion people without harming the environment; and (ii) to make sure food systems deliver nutrition to everyone, particularly the world’s poorest, many of whom suffer from chronic under-nutrition. It is estimated that close to a third of all foodstuffs produced for the world's population are lost from field to consumer, amounting to roughly 1.3 billion metric tons per annum. Substantial post-harvest losses in cerealsand other staple food crops contribute significantly to food, income and nutrition insecurity in Sub-Saharan Africa. Currently, total food losses in Sub-Saharan Africa are estimated to be worth US$4 billion per year, an amount which can feed 48 million people1.

Climate change