Insider April 2017

1.1 ATONU frameworks
Developed additional templates for process monitoring (these are templates to track poultry and vegetable production, sales and consumption). The process monitoring data collection tools for Ethiopia and Tanzania were finalized and shared

Insider April 2016

ATONU Frameworks were further refined based on lessons from their application. ASI will further refine this for usability by development practitioners. The DIMELT Team developed research protocol which include statistical power calculations, sampling frame and size, arrangement of treatments, randomization, etc.

Insider August 2016

1.1 DIMELT, in partnership with Agribusiness Systems International (ASI), an affiliate of ACDI/VOCA, engaged external consultants to review the Nutrition-Sensitive Intervention (NSI) Selection Tool. After finalization, this web-based tool will guide development practitioners in agriculture through the process of identifying, designing, and implementing NSIs.

Insider December 2016

1.1 Tanzania Baseline Study Update
In Tanzania, FANRPAN and SUA signed an addendum to the contract for the ATONU baseline study. The addendum was to increase the scope of work and an extension for the finalisation of the baseline study. Subsequent to signing of the addendum, the Tanzania field data collection was undertaken on 13 November to 5 December 2016.

Insider February 2016

Nutrition-Sensitive Intervention (NSI) Research Designs:
During January and February, the DIMELT/POCTA team engaged biometricians in the development of researchdesigns and methodology for two pilot projects. The biometricians have conducted background assessments,including Skype meetings, with DIMELT/POCTA teams.

Insider January 2016

The First Issue!

Welcome to the first issue of our internal newsletter – “The Insider”. As discussed in Kampala in 2015, the PACK team would develop a monthly internal newsletter beginning 2016. Through this newsletter, we aim to improve the internal communication among the consortium members by sharing activities of the work packages and resources that can augment our efforts within ATONU.

Insider January 2017

1.1 ATONU Project Impact and Intervention Process Pathways
The document outlines and describes how the ATONU nutrition sensitive interventions (NSIs) will lead to the primary outcome of diet diversity for children under 5 years old and women of child bearing age.

Insider July 2016

1.1 ATONU Study Areas in Tanzania
Five agro-ecological zones in Tanzania were selected for the African Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG) research study: southern humid and sub-humid; southern highlands; central semi-arid; eastern sub-humid; and lake zone.