ATONU Pathways

How does ATONU work to achieve its objectives?

To achieve its objectives, ATONU has a deliberate focus on society’s most vulnerable in terms of nutrition. To this end, the initiative has a specific focus on women of child-bearing age and young children where the high nutritional demands of pregnancy, development and early childhood must largely be met through own farm food production. ATONU promotes women’s empowerment and their access to income and knowledge on the need to purchase nutrient-dense foods and the consumption of a diversified diet.

From a project implementation perspective, ATONU explores five pathways, discussed briefly below;
1. Food production for household consumption
2. Income-oriented production for purchase of food, health and other non-food items
3. Empowerment of women to increase their participation in household and community decision-making and time use, thereby positively impacting household food security and health outcomes
4. Reduction in real food prices associated with increased agricultural production, and
5. Nutrition-Sensitive Agricultural Growth - the indirect relationship between increasing agricultural productivity and nutrition outcomes through the agriculture sector’s contribution to national income and macroeconomic growth.