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In this issue:
1. Featured – Nutrition comic books
2. Implementation of NSIs:

  •  Development of recipes and compilation of recipe books
  • Vegetable processing and preservation in Tanzania

3. Nutrition-Sensitive Intervention selection tool relaunch
4. Events
         1. Featured: Nutrition comic books

  •  Featured – School nutrition clubs
  • ATONU stories of change – ATONU champions
  • Implementation of NSIs – Updates from field assistants
  • Technical assistance – NSI selection training in Nigeria

Featured: School nutrition clubs

  • ATONU highlights in 2017 
  • ATONU stories of change 
  • Impact evaluation
  • Technical assistance
  • ATONU in 2018

1.  ATONU highlights 2017
1.1  Implementation of nutrition-sensitive interventions and process monitoring

1. DIMELT Work Package
1.1 Data Collection
Process monitoring data collection is continuing. Support is also offered to the field staff on a
continuous basis to ensure consistent capture of process monitoring data.
2.1 Refresher course for ATONU field staff
The ATONU project in Ethiopia convened a three-day annual national review meeting and two days
refresher training for the Field Assistants (FAs). The meeting was held at the Ethiopian Institute of