FANRPAN has chosen to focus on two primary thematic areas with the intent to align closer to the new strategic goals and to become experts in those chosen fields:

i. Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA)
ii. Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA)
The themes of women and youth empowerment, financing and communities of practice are cross-cutting issues applicable to both CSA and NSA.
These two thematic areas will allow FANRPAN to address “nexus issues” that are not necessarily purely agricultural issues and will therefore require working across disciplines, in particular health (with regards to nutrition) and the environment or energy (with regarded to climate change). These thematic areas will require a multi-sectoral approach for FANRPAN to become true leaders in these fields.
FANRPAN believes that it will realize this vision of resilient African food systems by achieving three strategic goals:
(i)  Transformed African agriculture and food systems through the development and implementation of evidence-based policy;
(ii)  Adequate, safe and nutritious food for Africa;
(iii)  Climate change resilient and resource sustainable food systems in Africa
The first goal captures FANRPAN’s aspirations within its core business of policy research and convening, with each objective reflecting one of the three main phases of the policy cycle – (i) create, (ii) implement, and (iii) assess. By its nature, goal one cuts across thematic areas. FANRPAN’s second and third goals capture two critical issues facing African agriculture and food systems, with goals reflecting three dimensions of the challenge:

  • The technical or biophysical, addressing the technical challenge
  • The behavioral and social, addressing the level of the individual and the institution
  • The financial, i.e. addressing the financials and economics of the challenge