Prof. Archileo Kaaya

Name of Hosting Institution: 
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Categorization of node hosting: 
Head, Department of Food Technology and Nutrition
BSc (Agriculture), Postgraduate Diploma (Food Security), Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), MSc (Postharvest Technology), PhD (Food Science and Technology)
Professional interests: 

Research, training and outreach activites in Postharvest Technology and Food and Nutrition Security

Institutional priorities related to FANRPAN work: 

The college of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences conducts research, teaching and outreach in various areas of agriculture (crop and animal) including value addition; nutrition and environment (conservation, climate change etc.) which are key to fulfilling FANRPAN mission and work.

Why I enjoy hosting the FANRPAN node: 

Because it brings together multi-stakeholders that address important issues and policies concerning food, agriculture and environment which are the key areas affecting livelihoods in my country.