Press Release: FANRPAN Partners' Meeting

FANRPAN invites you on a journey to explore issues focusing on food security policies in Africa. The FANRPAN 2011 Partners' Meeting, scheduled for 13th June at 9h00, will take place at the ARC Convention Centre in Hatfield, Pretoria (click here for a map). This is an annual event, and presents an opportunity for FANRPAN to share its current programmes and future plans with existing and prospective partners. The convener of the meeting is the Chairperson of the FANRPAN Board of Governors, Hon. Sindiso Ngwenya who is also the Secretary-General of the Common Markets for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA). 

The meeting will showcase key projects and outcomes in the critical area of addressing food security and alleviating poverty in the African continent. This is an ideal platform for dialogue, information sharing and cross-pollination of ideas. In an era where information is a universal currency, this engagement will open new doors and initiate powerful partnerships. You are invited to be a part of this exciting process. 

The day will include talks, presentations, displays and a multitude of networking opportunities with influential decision makers and content specialists. 

This year, in addition to the funding and technical partners we work with, we have extended the invitation to include Representatives from the 16 diplomatic missions where we are currently in operation. 

Please RSVP before 8 June 2011.