Mid term review of the Strengthening Policy Advocacy and Research Capacity for Enhanced Food Security in SADC and COMESA member states project: Request for expression of interest (firms)

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Demande de declarations d'interest
  1. Introduction
    The Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Networks (FANRPAN) is preparing the Medium Term Review (MTR) of its project Strengthening Policy Advocacy and Research Capacity (SPARC) for enhanced food security in the SADC and COMESA Member States. The project is subject to periodic reviews in accordance with the policies and procedures established by the donor, the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF), for project implementation and monitoring. First, ACBF conducts periodic supervision missions to assess progress and challenges of the project. Second, in line with the Foundation's Grant Agreement with FANRPAN, the project, midterm review is to be conducted not later than 18 months following the effective date or on a date set by the Foundation or after 50% of grant amount has been expended. The SPARC MTR activity has been communicated to FANRPANs as the project hosting organization.
  2. Objective of the Assignment
    The overall purpose of the MTR of the SPARC project is to learn from the implementation experience and provide an objective accountability in the achievement of the project objectives and an assessment of its results. The intention is to determine the areas requiring improvement and assess the emerging opportunity areas for enhancing achievements in the work of the SPARC project. This will improve the organization’s work through identifying, disseminating and implementing the lessons learned and recommendations from the review findings.

    FANRPAN intends to hire a consultant or consultancy firm to conduct the Medium Term Review of the SPARC and to assess and determine the extent to which the SPARC project has successfully achieved its objectives and overall goal. The consultant shall report to the Chief Executive Officer and Head of Mission and ACBF Program Officer. The consultant will be expected to prepare a report as well as to participate in the validation workshop to be organized by the Project Coordination team in consultation with the ACBF Program Officer.