FANRPAN CEO attends the Federation of Africa Nutrition Societies conference 2015 in Tanzania

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Friday, May 29, 2015

The Federation of Africa Nutrition Societies (FANUS) was established to promote collaboration and capacity-building among Africa-based nutrition scientists and practitioners affiliated with national nutrition societies. During its decade of existence, the Federation has promoted excellence in nutrition leadership through its four-yearly conferences. The 3rd FANUS conference 2015 was held in Arusha, Tanzania bringing together people from a wide array of sector including researchers, policy-makers, program implementers, and the private sector who share interest in alleviating malnutrition.

FANRPAN CEO, Dr. Lindiwe Majele Sibanda was invited to speak at the 3rd FANUS conference 2015, which was held in Arusha, Tanzania. In her talk, Dr Sibanda underlined the need for a multi-sectoral approach in addressing under-nutrition. She also busted some of the malnutrition myths which among others included the belief that "There are 'special foods' for men and not for women and children". The main focus of the conference was to take stock of whether Africa has achieved the MDGs, and to set goals for the next round of nutrition development in Africa. Conference themes covered: nutrition in Africa-changing patterns and causalities; nutrition as a human right or as an investment case; "Nutrition governance and accountability" who is responsible?; Breast-feeding and complementary feeding - Why is the obvious so difficult?; Maternal nutrition-the neglected factor!; Obesity and NCDs in Africa-Time to act!; Nutrition training and education-Are we providing the right skill-set?