Mr Joshua Laichena

Name of Hosting Institution: 
Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA)
Categorization of node hosting: 
Policy think tank
Policy Analyst, Environment and Natural Resources
MPhil (Econ) Legon, Ghana, BA (Hons) Econ, Egerton Kenya
Professional interests: 
  • Water-Agriculture-Energy Nexus
  • Forest Ecosystem services and Value Chain
  • Water governance, Institution performance and MDGs
  • Forest Cover Loss: Policy, Governance and Market Failure
Institutional priorities related to FANRPAN work: 
  • Food security information needs in Kenya
  • Policy and programmatic actions to address food price volatility in Kenya
  • Kenya Green Economy initiative
  • Exploring the prospects for agricultural commodity exchanges in East Africa
  • Pro-Poor Regional Investment For Balanced Economic Growth
  • Inequality, Poverty and Environment In Kenya: Power Relations, Market Failures and Weak Governance
  • Use of Economic Instruments for Environmental and Natural Resource Management
  • Social Development and Benefit Sharing: Nile Basin Initiative
  • Linking Africa Researchers with Adaptation Policy Makers
  • Inequalities, Social Cohesion and Youth Unemployment in Kenya