PAEPARD project brochure

Groundnuts form the basis for food and nutrition security for the majority of the smallholder farmers and are a vital component in the livelihoods of rural families. The challenge is that the groundnuts of these smallholder farmers are prone to Aflatoxin contamination. The contamination can occur any time from pre-harvest to post-harvest and has enormous health and economic consequence. Investing in pre- and post-harvest loss research, technical advice and policy advocacy to reduce food losses could significantly increase the food and nutrition security.

A comprehensive scoping and assessment study of climate smart agriculture (CSA) policies in Mozambique

Executive Summary

The present Comprehensive Scoping and Assessment Study is aimed at evaluating how smallholder farmers are coping with climate changes and how the Government of Mozambique is strategising its policies in order to increase agricultural productivity and strengthen the resilience of vulnerable smallholder farmers to the impact of climate change.

The specific objectives are to: