Planning Meeting for the Competitive Research Fund Projects

The Platform for African European Partnership on Agricultural Research for Development (PAEPARD) is an eight year project sponsored by European Commission (80%) and partner own contributions (20%). It is coordinated by FARA who signed the contract agreement as the beneficiary with the EC on the 16th December, 2009 initially for three years before an extension of one year and another for four years.It aims at building joint African-European multi-stakeholder partnerships in agricultural research for development (ARD) contributing to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

A comprehensive scoping and assessment study of climate smart agriculture (CSA) policies in Mozambique

Executive Summary

The present Comprehensive Scoping and Assessment Study is aimed at evaluating how smallholder farmers are coping with climate changes and how the Government of Mozambique is strategising its policies in order to increase agricultural productivity and strengthen the resilience of vulnerable smallholder farmers to the impact of climate change.

The specific objectives are to: