Insider October 2017

1. DIMELT Work Package
1.1 Data Collection
Process monitoring data collection is continuing. Support is also offered to the field staff on a
continuous basis to ensure consistent capture of process monitoring data. The DIMELT manager
attended the FAO-AU Sub-Regional Validation Workshop on “Ending Hunger in the Horn of Africa:
Moving from Rhetoric to Action”, which was held in Addis Ababa Ethiopia from the 23rd to the 24th of
October 2017. This was a validation of the outcomes of a project developed by the FAO Sub-regional
Office for Eastern Africa (SFE) and the AU Commission (AUC), through FAO’s Technical Cooperation
Programme (TCP).
The broad objectives of the project are to:
(i) improve partnership and coordinated action on ending hunger, malnutrition and poverty;
(ii) provide consultative stakeholder forums to review and develop strategies for ending
hunger in the sub-region.