Final Quarterly Newsletter Issue 10

Welcome to this edition of the FANRPAN Quarterly Newsletter. In 2016, we focused on FANRPAN’s strategic direction. We embarked on the development of the 2016-2023 FANRPAN Strategy. The process of developing the strategy gave us an opportunity to reflect on the Network’s achievements and allowed for shared input and definition of the way forward by our network members. The Secretariat extends its sincere gratitude to everyone who participated and made time to add value to the future of FANRPAN.

Our new vision, as framed in the new strategy, is that of “Resilient African agriculture and food systems, securing prosperity and health for all”. Our new mission is “To build resilient food systems across Africa through the creation, implementation and assessment of food, agriculture and natural resources policies that are both evidence-based and developed in partnership with non-state actors.”

This strategy is testament that FANRPAN has made significant strides to enhance agricultural policy development across Africa. However, we cannot ignore the wicked problems that persist on the continent as well as globally; these include malnutrition, climate change and intergenerational poverty. Through the 2016 – 2023 strategy we will focus on three strategic goals:

  • Transformed African agriculture and food systems through the development and implementation of evidence-based policy;
  • Adequate, safe and nutritious food for Africa;
  • Climate change resilient and resource sustainable food systems.

As we begin implementing and making our new strategy a reality we will continually look to you, the network members, for your continued support. I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Board and the Secretariat to wish you, and all our partners, a successful 2017.

Please feel free to give us feedback or to contribute to the newsletter by sharing your successes and challenges. We always look forward to engaging and hearing from you.

Thank you 

Dr Lindiwe Majele Sibanda