FANRPAN Policy brief No. 2: The poultry sub-sector in Mauritius

The last decades have seen marked changes in food habits of the Mauritian people as disposable incomes of average families have been on a sustained increase. Poultry products are among the products developed and introduced most successfully in Mauritius to meet the change in eating habits of the Mauritian people. The poultry subsector in Mauritius is dominated by the production of broiler meat and table eggs and poultry meat production has managed to meet the demand for animal products over the years in Mauritius. The egg industry is categorised into traditional backyard, small scale commercial, large scale commercial and industrial production. Mauritius is self sufficient in both commodities and the broiler industry sector is growing at a pace that far exceeds the growth of other meat sectors. With the increased globalisation of the poultry industry, Mauritius is faced with some major challenges.