FANRPAN Media Awards - Namibia

About the Dialogue: 

The FANRPAN Annual Multi-stakeholder Policy Dialogue is a flagship event that is held annually. The 2010 dialogue was held in Windhoek, Namibia on 30 August - 3 September 2010 where over 200 delegates comprising representatives from Government Ministries responsible for food, agricultural and natural resources(FANR) sector; Policy research institutions such as relevant university departments and agricultural research institutes; Private sector national umbrella organizations which deal with FANR issues; Farmers’ organizations; Civil Society organizations involved in the FANR sector and Consumer groups gathered and contributed to the dialogue on policy issues facing the FANR sector in Southern Africa. 

The theme for the year 2010: Livestock and Fisheries Policies for Food Security and Trade in a Changing Climate

The media award was launched at the Regional Dialogue in 2010. The award ceremony will take place in Swaziland on 22 September 2011

Journalists in Namibia who have a track record on reporting on FANR issues should be nominated. This can include journalists involved in print, broadcast or on-line media. 

Nominations should include the following:

  • Letter of nomination, outlining why the candidate has been nominated
  • Letter of acceptance from nominee
  • Detailed CV of nominee, including the names of three contactable referees
  • No more than TWO pieces of innovative work that will support the nomination. This can include articles, radio and TV clips or website links. In Namibia work that has been done in the last five years (including the current year) may be submitted

All nominations must reach Mr Yuven Gounden at FANRPAN by 22 August; 012 804 2966 / 071 470 8330. Please also address queries to Yuven Gounden. 

This will focus on:

  • Relevance - FANR-related issues
  • Clarity of issues covered
  • Depth
  • Overall accuracy and balance
  • General style