FANRPAN e-Bulletin from the Chief Executive Officer's Desk: Issue 01


In 2007, the FANRPAN Secretariat will be issuing a monthly e-bulletin to update stakeholders on the network's activities. The monthly bulletins will be short easy to read updates that will be issued within ten days of the month's end. In this first issue, we have decided to share highlights of FANRPAN activities undertaken during the last quarter of 2006, and hence the bulletin is somewhat longer than intended. Highlights for January 2007 will be sent to you next week. Please feel free to comment on the usefulness of this new initiative and respond to any issues raised. The bulletins will be posted on the FANRPAN website, with provision for you to share with friends. If you do not find the material useful please feel free to unsubscribe. I would like to thank all stakeholders who have contributed to FANRPAN's success in 2006. 

Lindiwe Majele Sibanda 


  1. Policy development engagements
  2. Engagements with RECS/NEPAD/AU
  3. Engagement with FANRPAN nodes
  4. Engagements with development partners
  5. Institutional issues
  6. Funding