FANRPAN Dialogue Issue 03, Volume VII: "Policy Triggers" for Accelerating Agricultural Growth in Southern Africa


The 2007 FANRPAN regional stakeholders’ dialogue was held in Lusaka, Zambia, from 4 - 7 September 2007. 

It was a dialogue with a difference, coming at the peak of the network’s two-year strategic planning process and serving the purpose of dual convergence, first as a stakeholders’ conference, and secondly, to enable a meeting of the Annual General Assembly, FANRPAN’s top most governing body. In all, 176 stakeholders from across Southern Africa, consisting of 41 policy makers, 37 researchers, 18 agribusiness representatives, 17 farmers, 31 civil society organisation and representatives from 7 different media houses converged in Lusaka for the two-pronged conference. For the annual policy dialogue, delegates discussed FANRPAN’s 2007 policy research findings and recommendations in four specific areas that significantly impact agricultural growth in the region; namely Regional Economic Integration; Agricultural Trade Competitiveness; The Management and Impact of Technological Innovation and Adoption; and The Impact of HIV and AIDS on Agriculture and Food Security. For the Annual General Meeting (AGM), focus was on reviewing, approving and adopting into use new FANRPAN operational instruments and procedures for the next eight (8) years (2007-2015). I am happy to report that both objectives were successfully achieved and on behalf of the Regional Secretariat, I thank you all for making the 2007 FANRPAN dialogue such a big success. 

Dr Lindiwe Majele Sibanda,