FANRPAN at the 3rd Africa Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance Forum

27 March 2019 to 28 March 2019
Dakar, Senegal
Climate change

FANRPAN participated at the 3rd Africa Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance Forum that took place  from the 27th - 28th March 2019 in Dakar - Senegal convened by the Development Agency of the African Union (known as NEPAD Agency) in collaboration with the African Union Commission and with support from GIZ, Norad and other partners. The Forum was held under the theme “Towards Vision 25x25 – Taking stock of Climate Smart Agriculture in Africa”.The theme was in line with the African Union vision of supporting 25 million farming households to practice Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) by the year 2025.
FANRPAN was represented by Ms. Shiluva Nkanyani the Programme Assistant working on the GCRF – AFRICAP programme. FANRPAN coordinated a parallel session titiled, ‘Creating an Enabling environment for CSA adoption: Policy and institutional reforms for driving system-wide resilience building’. This parallel session explored strategies and approaches for engaging government and key decision makers to mainstream CSA in policy development processes and programming across relevant sectors. It also explored better ways of ensuring well coordinated institutional arrangements that foster the proliferation of CSA through out the whole value chain, from policies to on farm practices.
The Forum was attended by over 178 representatives from the governments, farmers, scientists, civil society, private sector, development partners and international organizations among others.It provided a platform for dialogue, experience sharing and peer learning with the goal of supporting farmers and farming communities in Africa to upscale CSA.
The Forum was officially opened by Cheikh Dieng, Director of the Cabinet of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development on behalf of the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development of Senegal.The Technical Advisor of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Equipment, Mr Tanor Dieng also provided opening remarks on behalf of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Equipment, of Senegal.
Disscussions centred around the need for rapid implementation of strategies that will ensue that Africa achieves the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The forum also saw the presentation of progress that has been made with regard to climate change policy formulation, implementation and monitoring and evaluation. Representatives from various countries such as Tanzania, Lesotho, Uganda and Kenya shared on their experiences of Climate change startegies and policies in their respective countries. A key message that ran through out the Forum was that “ Climate change is not an agriculture problem, all sectors needs to be around the table in the development of climate change strategies and policies to ensure that the big elephant in the room is tackled effectively”.

Key messages from the Forum include the following; 

  • Climate change is no longer a myth. Africa should not wait for assistance from other continents, we should work together to educate ourselves on how to adapt to Climate change and its effects.
  • Youths are particularly well placed to embrace CSA as they have better access to new information.
  • Preservation and use of indigenous breeds/genetics/crop varieties is key to local adaptation to climate change
  • Prior to policy formulation and implementation, there is need to evaluate the  existing strategies to increase agriculture crop yields
  • Providing an Enabling environment for CSA adoption should be the mandate that governments understand and ensure that it is well implemented
  • The youth need to be involved in the policy formulation processes as they are the ones who will suffer the consequences of wrong decisons made by the older counterparts in the long run
  •  Agricultural policies that are formulated should ensure that Africa is working towards sustainable climate resilience
  • Strengthening and expanding institutions to improve the distribution of information  can assist in the improvement of upscaling CSA in Africa

For more information on the 3rd Africa Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance Forum and Development Agency of the African Union visit this link.