FANRPAN Regional Food & Nutrition Security Multi-stakeholder Policy Dialogue

15 August 2017 to 17 August 2017
Durban, South Africa
South Africa

The Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN ) is a regional multi-stakeholder policy research and advocacy network.The network engages with targeted constituencies at local and national levels, through its current 17 member countries in Africa.

FANRPAN’s work is guided by three strategic goals:

  • Transformed African agriculture and food systems through the development and implementation of evidence based policy;
  • Adequate, safe and nutritious food for Africa and;
  • Climate change resilient and resource sustainable food systems in Africa.

Why the Focus on Resilience of African Agriculture and Food Systems:

Agricultural productivity in Africa remains low per unit of input, with little significant increase. This is amplified by restricted access to inputs such as “appropriate seeds, crop protection mechanisms, technological enablers, extension advisory services, productive resources; soil health and land for cultivation”. In addition, the link between nutrition and agriculture, and the role of agricultural transformation in preventing malnutrition, remains undefined. Africa has the highest prevalence of undernourishment compared to other regions in the world, with increasing numbers of malnourished or stunted children in Africa is increasing. In addition, Africa in particular will be the most vulnerable region to climate change globally due to infrastructure challenges, poverty and poor governance Africa’s ...... Read more



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