Dialogue Volume 4 Issue 4: Strengthening policy analysis and representation capacity of farmer based organizations in SADC

In collaboration with CTA (Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation) and SACAU (Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions), FANRPAN hosted a regional dialogue in Windhoek, Namibia as part of its initiative to strengthen the capacity of farmer based organizations in the SADC region. The initiative is a response by FANRPAN to support SACAU's efforts to promote the interests of all farmers in the SADC region. A detailed report of this organization is available on FANRPAN's website, www.fanrpan.org. A summary of the conclusion drawn from this workshop and the research conducted by FANRPAN ensues. 

From the on-going analysis and dialogue, it is noted that the role of Farmer Organizations in agriculture and rural development cannot be easily substituted. However, the relevance of such Farmer Organizations to the members they represent can only be sustained if there is cognizance of the change in the operational environment, especially with respect to the challenges and constraints fuelled by globalization and trade liberalization.