Dialogue Volume 3 Issue 3: Successes in Southern African agriculture initiative


In December 2003 FANRPAN was represented at an international conference organized by IFPRI, NEPAD, CTA and INWent in Pretoria, South Africa, for an institution-wide review of Successes in African Agriculture. The aim of this exercise was to examine instances in which important advances have occurred in the past in African agriculture, and identify promising avenues for achieving similar successes in the future. Success is defined in this case, as "a significant durable change in agriculture resulting in an increase in agriculturally derived aggregate income, together with reduced poverty and/or improved environmental quality". 

FANRPAN, in line with its mandate to promote the adoption of sound agricultural policies in the region through research, analysis, advocacy and capacity building, is developing an initiative to continually review, identify and disseminate best practices and successful policies, including promotion of exchange visits between farmer organizations as a training tool.