Dialogue - Issue 03: Volume V: Strengthening Institutional Capacity for Supporting FANR Policy Development in the SADC Region: Malawi


The Malawi consultation was the second in the five-country series planned for the pilot phase of strengthening FANRPAN country nodes. The selection of a multi-stakeholder interim steering committee as a way forward for revitalizing the Malawi node is a major milestone. The level and depth of on-going engagement and advocacy for food security policies at national level was an excellent indicator of the role that a strengthened FANRPAN platform would play in enriching the dialogue with credible research and evidence for policy development. It will be exciting to monitor the developments in Malawi. FANRPAN is committed to strengthening this process by supporting a full-time node facilitator, through host institution arrangements and funding from USAID. Given that food security is increasingly being viewed as a collective regional objective rather than simply a sole national effort, the ODI-SARPNFANRPAN pilot project will be specifically targeting increased CSO engagement in regional level policy processes � where they have been less visible as key actors. 

FANRPAN would like to thank Dr A.T. Daudi, the Principal Secretary in the Malawi Ministry of Agriculture, for providing leadership to the FANRPAN Malawi country node and for his guidance to the network as a whole in his capacity as member of the FANRPAN Board of Governors. Financial support from our funding partners, who include the USAID, CTA and ODI, is most appreciated and duly acknowledged. 

Dr Lindiwe Majele Sibanda, CEO, FANRPAN