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Agricultural Research Council


The ARC has a vision of an efficient, productive, competitive and sustainable agricultural sector in Zimbabwe.


The mission of the ARC is to facilitate, coordinate, promote and review agricultural research and development in response to client, environmental and future needs of the agricultural sector. This will be achieved through stakeholder-based participatory problem and solution identification in collaboration with carefully selected, capable and innovative scientific and developmental personnel drawn from all sectors of the economy.

In serving its stakeholders ARC will undertake to:

  • Organise Provincial Committee meetings every quarter
  • Organise Council meetings bi-monthly
  • Organise Commodity Committee meetings quarterly
  • Organise stakeholder consultations
  • Organise annual provincial planning and review workshops
  • Collate, synthesise, and distribute information to stakeholders and interested parties in a timely fashion
  • Facilitate problem identification and prioritisation by farmers every three years.
  • Facilitate formulation and implementation of relevant research and development programmes by both local and international scientists and development agents
  • Monitor and evaluate the adequacy of national agricultural research and coordinate research and development activities in selected strategic areas
  • Facilitate interfacing and accountability among farmers, scientists,...
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