Country Profile

Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF)


To become a regional and international centre of excellence In capacity development for policy analysis and development management, policy research, and policy dialogue by Year 2015


Advancing knowledge to the public and private sector entities through sound policy research findings, capacity development and by advocating good development management practices

Specific objectives

  • To undertake policy research and analysis to increase stakeholders' knowledge on major issues affecting society
  • To strengthen capacity for policy research analysis and mainstream democratic governance through innovative capacity development initiatives such as training, outreach programmes, policy dialogue,
  • To increase the awareness of national decision-makers on specific policy issues that affect communities.
  • To facilitate debate and discourse on issues pertinent to the national development
  • To encourage national, regional and international networking and the creation of social capital around policy issues
  • To host national, regional and international policy research professionals and programmes

FANRPAN stakeholders

  • Government
  • Universities and Research Institutions
  • Private Sector
  • NGOs
  • Farmers Associations
  • UN Agencies

FANRPAN Node Steering Committee

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