Country Profile

Civil Society Agriculture Network (CISANET)


The vision of CISANET is to be a lead network of civil society organizations with capabilities to influence agricultural related policy dialogue and change that impacts positively on people's livelihoods

Mission statement

To promote agricultural development and sustainable livelihoods for the poor by influencing desirable change in policies, practices and attitudes of Government, donors, civil society and private sector through advocacy & networking.

Strategic objectives

  • Policy advocacy on agricultural and food security issues
  • Networking amongst agricultural stakeholders

Key thematic issues of consideration

  • Agricultural marketing
  • Sustainable land & water management
  • Livestock development
  • Budget policy issues
  • Implementation of food security & nutrition policy

FANRPAN stakeholders

  • Government
  • National Assembly Committee on Lands and Agriculture
  • Private sector organizations
  • Agro-based NGO Forum
  • Farmer organizations
  • Donors and development partners

FANRPAN Node Steering Committee

  Mr Paul Jere (Chair)
Civil Society Agriculture Network (CISANET) Mr Victor Mhoni
Farmers Union ...
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