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Institute of Southern African Studies (ISAS)


To initiate, promote, coordinate and conduct basic, applied and participatory research with particular emphasis to national development Needs in a regional context.


  • To undertake multidisciplinary research (policy and development)
  • To plan, encourage and carry out polity-related and development oriented research
  • To collaborate and network with other universities, government, communities, institutes and scholars in the region as well as interested organizations elsewhere with similar objectives
  • To provide consultancy services
  • To collect, document and make information accessible to researchers
  • To publicise and disseminate research output
  • To harness information and communication technology for socioeconomic development

Main activities and focus

  • Research
    Focus on regional and national development needs including issues of rural development, agriculture, human rights, regional security, environment, social development, health, conflict resolution and gender.
  • Documentation and Publications
    Focus on technical support in terms of development of information technology, collection of literature/material, and publication and/or dissemination of research.

FANRPAN stakeholders

  • Government
  • Universities and Research Institutions
  • Private Sector
  • NGOS/ Food Security...
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