CAADP Newsletter Dialogue Series: Youth Engagement in CAADP Processes

The youth are an important stakeholder in the CAADP process, for the future of African agriculture is in their hands. Because of this, it is important that youth constitute a strong part of the non-state actors that are being mobilised to actively engage with the CAADP process at national, regional and continental levels. With support from CTA, the youth attended the 8th CAADP Partnership Platform meeting held in Nairobi, Kenya in May 2012. They were afforded a platform to engage in agricultural policy processes, as CAADP is a major framework for development of African agriculture. Mrs Sithembile Mwamakamba, FANRPAN Youth in Agricul-ture Coordinator, read a recital prepared and signed by all youth delegates at the meeting. The recital called for increased and focused dialogue amongst and between the youth; state and non-state actors on CAADP and African agriculture development, for there should be "Nothing for the Youth without the Youth"