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Harmonised Seed Security Project (HaSSP)
Duration01 January 2010 - 31 December 2013
DonorSwiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Contract amountCHF 4,385,413.00
Project objectiveThe objective of Phase II of the Regional Seed Security project is to contribute to food security in the SADC region through the domestication of harmonised, effective and efficient seed systems to enhance availability and access to improved seed varieties to small-scale farmers. This involves working both on legislation framework as well as knowledge management aspects of seeds in the region.
Focus countriesMalawi, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Project overview
Project Milestones
  • Mapping of current national policy with Southern African Development Community (SADC) Protocols
  • Providing technical support to standardise procedures and guidelines for seed production, certification, multiplication and distribution, and; to develop codes of conduct for the use of quality seed
  • Combining the collaborative mapping of current national policy with SADC Protocols above
  • Provide technical support to assist with the development of quality assurance procedures
  • Ensure application of common terminologies, standards, procedures, seals and labels
  • Endorse common quarantine and phytosanitary measures
  • Identification of key stakeholders and conduct of training needs assessments (TNA)
  • Development of training curricula and the implementation of related training programmes
  • Facilitation of inter-departmental meetings and workshops to enable cross-agency dialogue and the development (and implementation) of ‘joined-up’ action-plans
  • Provide assistance to the identification of suitable locations for the certification facilities (where appropriate); provision of technical support to the conduct of physical site assessments, procurement of laboratory equipment
  • Provide training on technical operation and asset management
  • Establish seed variety database/catalogue; including the development of agreed hosting, governance and management rules, regulations and procedures for collecting, storing and retrieval from the same
  • Support to the establishment of an inventory of seed suppliers in the focal countries and lesson sharing
  • Provide appropriate support to the SADC Secretariat so it can provide the SADC Council of Ministers with updates, results and recommendations
Project Deliverables
  • Seed variety release policies in Malawi, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe aligned with SADC Protocols
  • Seed certification policies in the four focal countries aligned with SADC Protocols
  • Phytosanitary policies in the four focal countries aligned with SADC protocols
  • Measures to operationalise the re-aligned policies are introduced and related capacity of government, civil service and other key stakeholders strengthened
  • Seed certification facilities established and successfully functioning in the four focal countries
  • Data, information and knowledge created is variously stored, shared and used for awareness-raising, end-user utilisation and evidence-based decision-making by institutions in the SADC region
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Role of node hosting institution
  • Hosting National Dialogues
  • Regional Dialogue
  • Maintaining Stakeholder Database
  • Information and Knowledge Dissemination
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