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Aflatoxin Partnership Newsletter
21 April 2017

Dear PACA Community Members:

We are pleased to present this issue of your newsletter with important updates and information. The Newsletter has further evolved and it will be issued at the end of each calendar quarter.

The PACA Steering Committee (SC) continues to provide multi-sectoral leadership to PACA Secretariat. It held its 10th M e e t i n g e a r l y M a r c h i n M a p u t o , Mozambique and provided important guidance as outlined in this issue. I particularly note SC's guidance to document how the work of PACA, as one of the pioneers of government-led and stakeholder-aligned approaches for solving complex problems, spurs government action. You will also read important updates from PACA pilot countries and key aflatoxin control events in Africa.

You may recall that I reported about the Secretariat's continued effort, with guidance from the PACA Steering Committee and AUC, to build its capacity to effectively support continental, regional and country level activities. I am pleased to welcome and introduce to the PACA Community PACA Technical Advisor, Dr. Martin Kimanya. I take this moment to heartily thank the former Technical Advisor, Dr. Chibundu Ezekiel, for his dedication and able support to the PACA Secretariat during his short-term engagement for about 1 year

Importantly, we gratefully report in this issue about the support AUC has received for the next phase of PACA, December 2016- November 2020

Thank you for your support to aflatoxin control in Africa.

Amare Ayalew (PhD)
Program Manager, PACA/AUC

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