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GCARD3 (2015-2016): No One Left Behind: Agri-food Innovation and Research for a Sustainable World, 5-8 April 2016, Johannesburg South Africa
5 April 2016 - 8 April 2016

On Tuesday 5th April 2016, Dr Lindiwe Majele Sibanda delivered the Keynote address at the official opening of the GCARD3 in Johannesburg South Africa. FANRPAN's participation in the GCRAD 3 continued with Dr Sibanda chairing a session on the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) Day in Pretoria. Over 500 delegates attended the GCARD3.

The Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development was created to promote effective, targeted investment and build partnership, capacities and mutual accountabilities at all levels of the agricultural system so as to ensure that today's agricultural research will meet the needs of the resource-poor end user.

GCARD3 (2015-2016): GCARD3 is the third Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development. Organized by the Global Forum on Agriculture Research (GFAR) and the CGIAR, it is part of a continuing, iterative reform process, and builds on what has gone before in, and around, the previous two GCARDs. The GCARD path so far:

  • In 2010 the output was in the "Road Map for Change", a global strategy paving the way for more responsive and relevant agricultural research.
  • In 2012 focus was on the partnerships, foresight and capacity development needed to deliver change, and resulted in the reform of the CGIAR.
  • In 2016 focus was on re-aligning research needs and priorities with countries' own development needs and national processes and with the Sustainable Development Goals. Building on the preparatory GCARD3 national and regional dialogues, main GCARD3 program was organized around five key themes, with clear outcomes outlined for each, as well as a set of lenses related to the Sustainable Development Goals:
Five key themes:
  • Scaling up: from research to impact
  • Showcasing results and demonstrating impact
  • Keeping science relevant and future focused
  • Sustaining the business of farming
  • Ensuring better rural futures


Dr Sibanda

Dr Sibanda

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