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International Conference on Agribusiness AFMA conference 2016
20 November 2016 - 24 November 2016

The Faculty of Agriculture, University of Mauritius will be hosting an International Conference on Agribusiness in collaboration with the AFMA (Africa Farm Management Association) from 20th-24th November 2016 under the main theme“Sustainable Agricultural Development: Innovation Systems Approach for Agricultural Transformation in Africa” and sub themes (not exhaustive) as follows:

  1. Sustainable Agriculture and organic farming
  2. Food Safety, Food Security and Nutrition
  3. Agribusiness and Farm Management
  4. ICT in Agriculture and Agricultural Innovation Systems
  5. Biotechnology and Technology Development
  6. Climate change and Climate Smart Agriculture
  7. Market Development for increased production and Agricultural trade policies

We would like to inform you that registration for the AFMA Conference is now open. Participants are invited to register via the webpage address which is (or follow link on University of Mauritius website under highlights)

The Conference will result in a vibrant network of Farm Managers, Scientists, Policymakers and Practitioners in agribusiness and related fields that will serve as a forum for exchange and dissemination of information on the development of African agribusiness. There will be improved dialogue among local, regional and international scientists, researchers, academics, service providers, scholars, governments and the private sector across Africa, America and Europe.

For more information visit the conference website or contact:
Shane Hardowar
Lecturer (Agricultural Management and Economics)/ Node Coordinator (FANRPAN-Mauritius)
Department of Agricultural Production and Systems
Faculty of Agriculture
University of Mauritius
Reduit, Mauritius

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