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FANRPAN conducts Weather-based Index Insurance Workshops in Uganda
8 December 2015 - 10 December 2015

The Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) conducted three Weather bases index insurance (WII) workshops in Uganda to "Support agencies promoting weather based insurance schemes for smallholder farmers" from 8-10 December 2015 at Silver Springs Hotel, Kampala, Uganda.. Risk Shield Consultants, represented by Mr. Agrotosh Mookerjee, Ms. Sawsan Eskander, and Ms. Juliet Kyokunda facilitated the workshops. The FANRPAN Secretariat was represented by Mr. Njongenhle Nyoni who explained the purpose of the workshops and the partnership between FANRPAN and COMESA regarding supporting agencies promoting WII for smallholder farmers.

Forty participants including representatives from insurance companies, farmer organizations, microfinance institutions, other aggregators, attended these workshops. During the workshops, the facilitators clearly explained the concept of Weather-based Index Insurance and the roles of different stakeholders. Mitigation options against agriculture production losses available for small-scale farmers were outlined and discussed.

On the 11th of December 2015, the team visited the Nile Breweries in Jinja, which has about 30 000 out-grower farmers. This visit was an opportunity to establish contacts with the management of the out-grower program, and to explain and promote Weather Based Index Insurance.

Key Outcomes

  • A number of organizations expressed interest in engaging their farmers and organizations they work with to support weather index insurance. After understanding the basics on weather index insurance, they committed to considering the inclusion of WII in their annual programs implementation.
  • Two insurance companies expressed serious interest in learning more and committing resources to continue to train their staff. They even agreed to carry out a pilot in 2016.
  • UCA together with its networks requested for a simplified training information sheet that could be used to train its farmers at grassroots levels in order to prepare for the 2016 September cropping season.
  • A visit to Nile Breweries yielded a promise to discuss the concept with senior management team to carry out a pilot in Kween District for Barley farmers they contract. The key determinant factor though was the price, which they believe if high may not make financial sense for them.
  • AT Uganda and partners requested for a detailed discussion with the insurance companies and other interested partners in carrying out a project in 2016 where they will be able to learn more before scaling up.

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