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Save the date : Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security (ADFNS)
14 September 2015

Why the Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security (ADFNS)?

The main purpose of ADFNS is to serve as a rallying point to intensify political and financial commitments at all levels in order to address contemporary challenges of food and nutrition insecurity in Africa. The ADFNS provides a platform at national, regional and continental levels to share experiences, knowledge and mutual learning, as well as measure progress in assuring food and nutrition security for all by governments and multi-stakeholder partners.

Theme and commemoration of ADFNS 2015

The 6th ADFNS will be commemorated under the theme, "Empowering Our Women, Securing Our Food, Improving Our Nutrition". This theme ties neatly with the declared 2015 “Year of Women Empowerment and Development towards Africa's Agenda 2063".

Building on the selected theme, the following four sub-themes represent areas for technical and policy discussions as well as streamlining messages on the commemoration of ADFNS 2015:

  • Sub-theme 1: Accelerated action toward improved maternal, adolescent and young child nutrition
  • Sub-theme 2: Harnessing opportunities for production, access and consumption of nutritious, safe and diverse diets
  • Sub-theme 3: Improving and promoting small holder farmers', particularly women farmers' capacity to access markets
  • Sub-theme 4: Strengthening institutional capacities and systems, partnerships and knowledge sharing for enhanced delivery of food and nutrition security interventions.

ADFNS Host Country

Uganda will host the 2015 ADFNS continental-level commemoration on the 28th - 30th October, in Kampala. Member States of the African Union are also expected to prepare and commemorate the ADFNS in synchrony with the continental-level event and the relevant stakeholders are encouraged to support the organisation of the ADFNS at the national level.

Who should attend the ADFNS?

The ADFNS is expected to include a wide range of stakeholders, such as civil society, the private sector, the scientific community, farmers and development partners. As befitting the focus of the commemoration, women groups, women organisations and entrepreneurs will be specially invited to participate.

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