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PHM-SSA newsletter, April 2015
No 1, April 2015
20 July 2015

PHM-SSA Newsletter                                           No 1, April 2015
We are happy and excited to share with you the first PHM-SSA newsletter!
The PHM-SSA newsletter provides regular up-to-date insights on what happened in the project teams, upcoming events and activities, new and worth reading resources as well as relevant changes within teams and networks.

Enjoy the reading!

What happened?

The AFAAS learning exchange platform was established and can be accessed on soon. A f2f training workshop was held from 7 to 9 April in Kampala to learn about the management of the platform. Right now, the platform is being advertised and extension professionals are invited for active participation. The first online discussion is for late April (see event box!).

FANRPAN convened a multi-stakeholder sensitization Workshop on National Food Standards and Norms and National Policy Dialogue on Frameworks for National Food Standards and Norms from 30 March to 1 April in Cotonou, Benin.

HELVETAS Mozambique reviewed the YPO 2015 and Memorandum of Understanding with Partners (IIAM, UPC Cabo Delgado, UPC Nampula) including budgets for establishment of demonstration fields and the validation of storage technologies.


ALL: Please save the date! 1-7 November 2015: Joint review and planning week of all partners and both pilot countries, probably in Benin (to be confirmed). Colleagues from all teams and countries will be invited!

20 to 24 April: Training of Trainers (for promoters and extensionists) by HELVETAS Mozambique.

On 25 April a first e-discussion on the AFAAS learning exchange platform will start on the topic "What farmers do to avoid harvest losses and the role of extension workers to mitigate these losses". Join in!

24 to 30 May: Write shop by HELVETAS Mozambique in Nampula to elaborate posters and contents for radio emissions.

29 to 30 May, Maputo, Mozambique: FANRPAN Multi-stakeholder sensitization Workshop on National Foods Standards and Norms and National Policy Dialogue on Frameworks for National Food Standards and Norms.

1st week of July: HELVETAS Mozambique's quarterly review and planning workshop.

The consolidated financial report 2014 was submitted to SDC by end of March. The final approval is expected upon submission of the operational report 2014. Many thanks to all teams for the good and timely support in this! It allowed us to conclude the accounts 2014 in an efficient way.

AFAAS and HELVETAS Benin further developed a concept for the production of didactic videos on PHM of maize. The video will be structured in four sequences along main PHM steps: 1. Harvest, 2. Drying, Threshing, Sorting, 3. Storage & conservation at household level, 4. Storage in warehouses / collective storage. The production of the video will be realized through a collaboration with Access Agriculture and shall start by the beginning of the coming postharvest season, in October. Have a look at the draft concept of the video attached!

HELVETAS Mozambique contacted different private sector actors at provincial level namely MMI Steel (metal sheet manufacturer), AGRIFOCUS (Agrochemical supplier), COOSEN (input supplier and service provider), SANA SACARIA (PP Bags), GAPI (Microfinance), ENCAMOBAL Company Ltd (Threshing machine manufacturer), VODACOM (M-PESA mobile Banking) to understand the input supply chain, share different options of business models and collect their point of views. These are exciting news! To find out more for a successful collaboration with the private sector read their business note (attached to the newsletter).

In Benin, a feasibility study on metal silo markets and input supply chains was conducted by an external consultant (Kurt Schneider). He concludes that metal silos have the best cost-benefit ratio compared to other storage options, that input materials are available at reasonable costs and that there are skilled local artisans who can become professional in production metal silos based on trainings. The costs of metal silos of 500kg and 1000kg capacity are estimated at US$ 100. and 130. , respectively. See presentation of main conclusions of the study!

AFAAS Benin met with Radio Tcheti de Savalou to discuss a possible partnership for dissemination and scaling-up of identified RAS practices on PHM in Benin.

HELVETAS Mozambique and AFAAS Mozambique further developed the draft training manual, a training curriculum and training cascade model during a write-shop with local partners. Start of training of trainers are planned for late April.


PHM-SSA internal virtual space
The internal virtual space of the PHM-SSA project was adjusted and made more "friendly" to our needs! Have a look here.The platform was completed with the most actual information, documents and resources, so that you can easily access them from anywhere. Also, feel free to upload new documents and announce new upcoming events in the calendar!

Check out the new FANRPAN webpage with project database

FANRPAN Policy briefs in English (to be translated to French and Portuguese)
Scaling-up Promising Post-Harvest Technologies by Implementing Cost Effective Policy Actions in the National Agriculture Policy Framework (PSRSA) in Benin
Towards a Specific Post Harvest Management (PHM) Policy Strategy in Mozambique

Leaflets by HELVETAS Mozambique
The Project "Postharvest Management in Sub-Saharan Africa, Mozambique" (Portuguese)
Improved storage options in Northern Mozambique (Portuguese)

To take note! - News on Teams and Networks

HELVETAS Mozambique
The contract of Karin Voigt, former Regional Coordinator who supported Mauricio, has ended and the post was abolished. In future, please CC Pierluigi Agnelli and Casimiro Alves in important communications with Mauricio:

Due to internal reasons, IIAM (Instituto de Investigacao Agraria de Mocambique) indicated a new team to lead the Project where Banu Belmiro Irenio is the new focal point.

Jerry Egessa has been recruited to support the coordination of PHM SSA activities at AFAAS headquarters. He brings on board his expertise on agricultural extension from the Ugandan public agricultural extension system. - A very warm welcome!

Gloria Gummah will in future focus on the development and mainstreaming of gender into AFAAS programmes including gender issues in the PHM-SSA project.

HELVETAS Switzerland
In early April, Tina Roner joined the team of the PHM-SSA project. Tina will support us in the internal and external knowledge management of the project, establishing linkages to other platforms (e.g. CoP), management of the own virtual space and newsletters, as well as in establishing the overall monitoring system of the project and supporting Martin and Raphael in responding to your daily communications and requests. - A very warm welcome!

The Natural Resources Institutes (NRI) of University of Greenwich is developing an open access platform on grain store types, with the aim of creating a convenient place where development practitioners can go for advice on different types of grain store. For this, NRI is compiling evidences and experience from different projects. HSI Mozambique and Benin shared a first bunch of experiences from our pilot activities, see Grain Store Options Questionnaire (attached to the newsletter).

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