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PHM-SSA Newsletter, June 2015
No 2, June 2015
22 July 2015

PHM-SSA Newsletter                                           No 2 June 2015
The PHM-SSA newsletter provides regular up-to-date insights on what happened in the project teams, upcoming events and activities, new and worth-reading resources as well as relevant changes within teams and networks.
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What happened?

The first e-discussion on PHM practices was launched on the AFAAS learning exchange platform. A synthesis of the discussions (in English and Portuguese) can be found on the platform and AFAAS website. Thanks to all for their contributions.

HELVETAS Mozambique trained 23 promoters/extensionists on PHM and identified nine community based artisans and two master trainers for further trainings. Moreover, they developed an interesting training cascade model which shows the three strategic pillars through which key actors in the PHM market system shall receive capacity building (see attachment).

FANRPAN started with the preparations for national studies on "Gender in PHM" to be conducted in June – July in Mozambique and Benin separately.

HELVETAS Mozambique updated and reviewed the protocol on the six PHM technologies under validation. For more information refer directly to the protocol (in Portuguese).

A market study on metal silos was conducted in Benin (external consultant Kurt Schneider). The aim of the study was to analyse input supply chains, cost-benefit, possible business models and farmer's perceptions of the metal silo technology. The results of the study were discussed with project partners during a validation workshop. It was proposed to diffuse metal silos through a public-private partnership approach. See mission report in the attachment.

Kurt Schneider is going to conduct a follow-up consultancy in Mozambique to provide support in the training of trainers and artisans, the experimental production of metal silos and the further development of business models for metal silos (28 June - 15 July).


ALL: Please save the date! 1-7 November 2015: Joint review and planning week of all partners and both pilot countries, in Benin

A second e-discussion will be launched soon on the AFAAS learning exchange platform. Topic: “Post-harvest management will improve after access to markets improves”.

A write-shop for the development of materials to rise awareness on PHM of local decision makers and the public will be conducted by FANRPAN on 20 July in Nampula, Mozambique. More information can be found in the concept note attached.

A write-shop for the elaboration of dissemination materials and contents (posters, radio contents etc.) will be carried out by HELVETAS Mozambique end of June, back to back to be the FANRPAN write-shop.

4th week July: Quarterly review and planning workshop in Mozambique (HELVETAS, AFAAS, FANRPAN).

FANRPAN is organising another multi-stakeholder sensitization workshop on National Food Standards and Norms and National Policy Dialogue on 15 August in Nampula, Mozambique.

Similar policy dialogue events and write-shops are planned in Benin by FANRPAN (dates to be defined)

HELVETAS Benin is planning workshops to develop and validate different dissemination tools (dates to be defined)

HELVETAS and AFAAS Benin, in collaboration with Access Agriculture and based on feedback from local partners, is revising the concept for a didactic video on maize PHM. The video will be produced in cooperation with the NGO Songhaï, the start of production is scheduled for late 2015 (October). For more information refer to the concept attached. The project is disseminating videos on cowpea storage in local languages (see under new resources).

AFAAS is going to showcase the PHM-SSA project at different regional events with exhibitions and the presentation of dissemination materials and publications of the project. See the exhibition concept. Feedback is welcome!

  1. East Africa Agricultural Extension and Advisory Service Policy Dialogue, 16-18 June in Kampala, Uganda.
  2. Conference on scaling-up post-harvest handling and agro-processing practices in Africa to be held from 24-26 June in Hawassa, Ethiopia.
  3. The Annual Source of the Nile International Agriculture Show, 6-13 July in Jinja, Uganda.
  4. Post-Harvest Management / Food Loss Reduction Workshop by SDC and WFP from 7-11 September.
  5. The Africa Wide Agricultural Extension Week, 5-10 October, AFAAS website.

FANRPAN convened a multi-stakeholder sensitization workshop on National Food Standards and Norms on 29 April and a National Policy Dialogue on 30 April in Maputo, Mozambique. The aim of the event was to share the findings from the recent study on policy and legislation frameworks for food standards and norms related to PHM with national stakeholders; to sensitize them on the current state of knowledge on Food Standards and Norms, current food standards and institutional arrangements in Mozambique; and to identify key themes, gaps and recommendations for PHM policies. 39 respective 44 stakeholders from various sectors including the national government participated in these two workshops and updates were twittered actively.

  • The PHM-SSA consortium in Mozambique developed a training cascade model(see attachment). The same cascade logic will be applied in Benin.
  • Report on the Multi-stakeholder Sensitization Workshop on National Food Standards and National Policy Dialogue can be found on the FANRPAN project website.
  • Materials of the training on PHM for promoters/extensionsits of HELVETAS Mozambique will be updated soon on Pamoja.
  • See the didactic video on cowpea storage, translated in local languages.

To take note! - News on Teams and Networks

HELVETAS Mozambique
Starting by 1 July, a new PHM-SSA officer will start working in the team of HELVETAS Mozambique. He / her will be based in Pemba or Nampula. The recruitment is ongoing.

A partnership is being developed with two common rural radios, namely Tchèti Radion (Savalou) and Boukombé Radio.

AFAAS Kampala
Gloria Gummah handed over all her responsibilities regarding the PHM-SSA project to Jerry Egesa by beginning of May 2015. - In the name of all consortium partners we want to thank Gloria for her support and commitment to the project and for the good collaboration.

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