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UNEP Report shows cruel irony at heart of Lima talks- Christian Aid
6 December 2014

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Tuvalu, a Polynesian Small Island Developing State (SIDS), the 4th smallest country all over the world, and its 10,000 inhabitants, will disappear from the surface of the Pacific Ocean by 2050, if temperature, and sea level continues rising. Actually a rise of only one Celsius degree, on average planet temp, would be a serious threaten to the surviving possibilities for people on this group of 9 atolls, which its higher point is only 4.6 meters above sea level.

Tuvalu is said to be one of the first nations of the world to be sink underwater, due to climate change. Nowadays the rising of the sea level has contaminated, with salt water, its underground drinking water sources; so they can only drink what they can collect from rain since December to March. Except when "The niño phenomenon" appears and bring drought to the country.

The underground water contamination also is threatening their agriculture, based on "Taro" and "Puraka" potatoes, which is, other than fish and coconuts, the only food that grows at those islands, connected between them only once a month by small boats.

The Tuvalu delegation has travelled more than 30 hours to come to Lima, in a hope to be listened at the COP20 because an agreement to reduce global warming to 2°C above pre-industrial era for 2027, would be too hot, and too late for the Tuvaluans who just want to sing, dance and fish in one of the last not industrial paradise of the world. A world they have not contribute to contaminate.

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