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A comprehensive scoping and assessment study of climate smart agriculture (CSA) policies in Mauritius
30 April 2014
National Consultant: Prof Sunita Facknath

Agriculture in the Republic of Mauritius must undergo significant transformation in order to meet the related challenges of food security, sustainable livelihoods, and climate change. Effective climate-smart practices already exist and could be implemented in the national agricultural systems. As recommended by the Food and Agriculture Organisation, national institutions and decision making must remain flexible while dealing with uncertainties of potential climate change impacts, with iterative planning, participatory and systems-based approaches, and strong stakeholder engagement.

The Republic of Mauritius has been proactive in tackling climate change issues. Although there is no specific and separate CSA policy as such, many of the existing and proposed agricultural policies, plans and activities include elements of CSA.

Apart from agriculture and food security, attempts are being made to incorporate climate change (but not necessarily CSA) concerns gradually into other sectoral development policies, plans and strategies such as water resources, tourism, land use, transport, health, forest, infrastructure and coastal zone management to ensure sustainable development while aiming at poverty reduction and social equity. However, the process is very slow, and implementation so far has been inadequate, mainly due to financial constraints and insufficient capacity at all levels. However, the concept of CSA has not been sufficiently mainstreamed, and there are several important gaps.

There is a need to mainstream CSA into the policies and plans of other national sectors, as well as to strengthen the necessary policy and institutional frameworks, and provide the essential capacity, technical and financial resources for their implementation.

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