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The Postharvest Management in Sub-Saharan Africa (PHM-SSA) is a project under the Global Programme Food Security (GPFS) of SDC coordinated by HELVETAS Swiss Inter-cooperation (HSI) and implemented in a consortium with FANRPAN (Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network), AFAAS (African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services) and AGRIDEA. The goal of the project is to increase food security of smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa through reduced postharvest losses at farm and community level. The project duration is six years.

The project aims to improve food security (increased food self-sufficiency and incomes) of smallholder men and women farmers in SSA through reduction of postharvest losses of food crops (grains and pulses) by addressing major constraining factors of technology dissemination and adoption, knowledge and information sharing, rural advisory services (RAS) and policies related to PHM. The project has a regional focus and intervention logic, including pilot activities in Benin and Mozambique.

FANRPAN in collaboration with AFAAS, Helvetas, national stakeholders and the FANRPAN Mozambique Node convened a National PHM Policy Study Validation workshop and National Policy Dialogue at Girassol Hotel in Maputo, Mozambique, from 20 -21 May 2014. The meeting was attended by stakeholders from Maputo, Pemba and Nampula Provinces. Prior to the workshop, a PHM policy study was conducted in Mozambique by Dr Lucas Tivana who is a consultant from the University of Eduardo Mondlane.

The objectives of the workshop were to:

  • Share and validate the draft PHM policy study evaluation report with relevant in country stakeholders;
  • Incorporate inputs from stakeholders including FANRPAN, AFAAS and HSI;
  • Identify key themes, gaps and recommendations for PHM policies; and
  • Dialogue on appropriate PHM policies for Mozambique.

The meeting was officially opened by Dr Joao Mutondos who was representing the Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry Engineering at Eduardo Mondlane University. There was lively engagement by the 44 participants who attended the workshop and their contributions were captured in order to enrich the report. The consultancy team will incorporate inputs from the validation workshop into the final study reports before final submission.

Participants at the FANRPAN PHM Policy Study Validation Workshop in Mozambique

On the following day - 23th of May 2014, FANRPAN convened a PHM National Policy Dialogue where Mr Daniel Antonio Clemente who is the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG), officially opened the policy dialogue and engaged with stakeholders for the greater part of the morning. In addition, Benin Node coordinator the Dean of Agriculture gave a key note address on challenges facing PHM in Mozambique. A post-harvest management policy brief based on the national post-harvest management policy review study report and recommendations from the national policy dialogue will be produced by the consultancy team.

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