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The HaSSP Study Visit
1 April 2014

FANRPAN under the Harmonized Seed Security Project (HaSSP) held a Study Visit on the 25th and 26th of March 2014 in Lumbadzi, Malawi in collaboration with ASSMAG and the FANRPAN Node - CISANET. Participants at the study visit were from the four HaSSP countries - Malawi, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Each country was represented by the FANRPAN Node, the National Seed Authority, Lead partner in community seed production enterprise and two HaSSP seed growers/ farmers.Objectives of the study visit

  • Showcase the work that Association of Smallholder Seed Multiplication Action Group (ASSMAG) is doing;
  • Share experiences in seed production, seed processing and marketing;
  • Share lessons learnt.

During the study visit the participants visited the following organizations:

  • ASSMAG Seed field plots, ASSMAG demonstration plots and the ASSMAG seed processing plant.
  • Seed Services Unit Mrs Lucia Mtambo explained the seed certification procedures from field inspection, sample entry, sampling procedures, seed analysis (purity and germination test), and seedling evaluation procedures.
  • ICRISAT Mr Mutale gave a brief background on ICRISAT- Malawi. Participants toured their warehouse and their filed research plots for breeding groundnuts. He highlighted that the main challenge in breeding groundnut was rosette virus. They also conducted research on drought tolerant varieties and aflotoxin.
  • CAIT The main activity is bean breeding and participants toured their research trials of beans.
  • Demeter Seed Company The participants were taken through seed processing procedures that were conducted by the seed company.

The Zimbabwe Node Coordinator - Dr Mharapara chaired a reflection session, where each pilot country presented their HaSSP story, lessons learnt and challenges faced during the implementation of the community seed production enterprise. At the end participants evaluated the HaSSP Study Visit.

Group photo- HaSSP Study Visit

Mrs Mawaya explaining to the participants on record keeping of the seed produced under HaSSP Seed Growers

A demonstration on seed treatment

Questions and Answers session in progress

Maize demonstration plot under the ASSMAG

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