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FANRPAN to Participate In #AskAg Twitter Chat: Empowering Women at the Head of Family Farms on
March 20, 2014 11:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT
13 March 2014 - 13 March 2014

2014 is the International Year of Family Farming. But who is at the head of these family-farming households? Research from the FAO has found that up to 40% of households are headed by women in Eastern Africa, and across the developing world, women account for 60 to 80% of smallholder farmers.

Yet these women face economic and social constraints. In sub-Saharan Africa, only 15% of landholders are women, and they receive less than 10% of credit and 7% of extension services. Policies that address gender inequalities could lift 150 million people out of hunger. How can women be empowered to make this estimation a reality?

FANRPAN will join experts from USAID and global agriculture coalition Farming First to debate the issues. Uniting over 130 organisations from around the world, Farming First is one of the most diverse and active agricultural coalitions in the world. Farming First supporters represent the world’s farmers, scientists and engineers as well as agribusiness associations and non-governmental organisations.

Guiding questions

The chat is organized around these four guiding questions. If you have additional questions you'd like to ask our experts, tweet @Agrilinks using the #AskAg hashtag!

  1. What challenges do women in family farming face in the developing world?
  2. What do women in family farming need to thrive?
  3. How can we reach more women farmers worldwide with tools and skills they need?
  4. What are the success stories that show the benefits of investing in rural women?

Twitter accounts to follow:


Sylvia Cabus: @sylviacabus
Stephanie Hanson: @HansonSteph
Susan Carlson: @worldfarmersorg Thembi Ndema: @FANRPAN

Organizations & featured contributors

Farming First: @farmingfirst
One Acre Fund: @OneAcreFund
SPRING Project: @SPRINGProject2

How to participate

If you are new to Twitter, visit to sign up for an account. (For more tips on getting started, check out our < ahref="" target="_blank">Twitter training.) Explore the guiding questions that will be discussed during the chat.
Join us for discussion by using the hashtag #AskAg and following @Agrilinks.

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