Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN)

National studies validation and project output dissemination workshop
Crossroad Hotel, Lilongwe - Malawi
26 February 2014

FANRPAN is currently implementing a number of initiatives in Malawi on Climate change (CC) and Climate Smart agriculture (CSA), food security and women and youth. FANRPAN, in collaboration with Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR), CISANET (the Civil Society Agriculture Network), and World Vision-Malawi, is implementing two projects which include aspects pertaining to Climate change and Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA). The overall objective of these two FANRPAN CSA initiatives implemented in Malawi is to increase agricultural productivity and strengthen the resilience of vulnerable smallholder farmers to the impact of climate change. The projects are:

  • SECCAP (Strengthening Evidence-based Climate Change Adaptation Policies) - which is 3 year initiative funded by the International Development Research Institute (IDRC). The overall objective of the project is to enhance the capacity of policy analysts and scientists in the fields of agriculture, climate and socio-economics to collectively build a strong base of evidence on cropping systems to inform adaptation policies and investment decisions.
  • EPCSA (Evidence-based Policies on Climate Smart Agriculture)- is a two year initiative supported by Norwegian Agency for Development Corporation (NORAD) seeks to: (i) Conduct comprehensive reviews of the existing CSA policy context in each study country; (ii) Analyze gaps in the existing policy frameworks;(iii) Identify relevant policy recommendations; and (iv) Develop and share policy recommendations (briefs) at national and regional levels

With support from USAID, DFID and GIZ FANRPAN has been actively involved in promoting the engagement of Non-state actors (NSA) and the marginalized groups such as women and youth in the CAADP process through national multi-stakeholder dialogue platforms including Malawi. In addition, national consultants have been identified to assess the extent to which CAADP compacts and investment plans for their respective countries address issues around youth and women in agriculture.

On the 26 of May, FANRPAN together with its National Node – CISANET, convened a CSA National Policy Dialogue at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe. The objectives of Policy Dialogue were to (i) to share and validate CSA policy scoping report and solicit feedback and inputs CSA stakeholders; and (ii) to provide an opportunity for key CSA stakeholders to exchange results, experience and lessons learned from SECCAP project. The Policy Dialogue aimed to contribute to the development and implementation of an evidence-informed climate change adaptation and mitigation related policies. The Policy Dialogue involved people from different stakeholder groups like: universities, research institutes, the business sector, farmer groups and other civil society organisations. A total of 45 people, who also included the Vice Chancellor of LUANAR, Prof George Kanyama-Phiri; the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Hon Bintony Kutsaira and the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture attended the Policy Dialogue.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Hon Bintony Kutsaira in his official opening of the National Policy Dialogue remarked that: “as SECCAP comes to an end (i) Malawian project partners must take ownership of the results and institutionalize them to ensure sustainability; and (ii) SECCAP project provided valuable evidence for policy consideration and decision making by the Malawian government”.

Prof George Kanyama-Phiri, thanked FANRPAN's contribution in supporting MSc and BSc students at your University; facilitating the admission of an MSc student at the University of Cape Town; facilitating LUANAR staff participation in high profile regional dialogues as well as providing some financial support and other resources. First, two national consultant (Mr Ronnie Mvula and Prof Charles Mataya) presented studies title: CSA policy scoping study in Malawi and Assessment of Youth and Women engagement in the CAADP compact and Investment plan processes in Malawi. Additionally, these studies were discussed. Second, the two MSc students supported by the SECCAP project also presented results of their studies.

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