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The 3rd Global Conference on Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Security and Climate ChangeHaSSP National Pest Risk Training Workshop: Lusaka, Zambia
3 December 2013

FANRPAN CEO, Dr Lindiwe Majele Sibanda will be giving introductory remarks during the opening plenary session at the 3rd Global Conference on Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Security and Climate Change. The conference will be held from 3 to 5 December 2013 in Johannesburg, South Africa and will include high-level discussions on a Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance.

The Opening Plenary Session will be chaired by Mr Jonathan Godden, ARC (South Africa) and Dr Sibanda will be joined by the following panellists:

  • Representative: Ministry for Agriculture, The Netherlands
  • Representative: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome Dr Xiangjun Yao (Director of FAO Division Climate, Energy and Tenure Division)
  • Representative: World Bank, Dr Rachel Kyte, Vice President for Sustainable Development, World Bank, Washington DC
  • Opening address: Recapping the main issues, recommendations and outcomes of the two previous conferences and introduction to the Work Programme of the 3rd Conference Dr Sonja Vermeulen,
  • Setting the scene: Addressing food security in the face of climate change and its impact, Dr. Tim Searchinger, World Resources Institute, USA

The Conference is organized by the governments of the Republic of South Africa, the Netherlands, and in collaboration with other partners, including FAO and the World Bank. The 3rd Global Conference in South Africa will provide the platform for global leaders; practitioners; scientists; farmers; organized agriculture; civil society; the private sector; and NGOs to discuss and share experiences on successes, and to deliberate the challenges and threats to food and nutrition security under the impact of climate change.

Purpose of the Conference

  • Promote a Climate –Smart Agriculture Alliance;
  • Share knowledge, information and good practices among public, private and civil society stakeholders;
  • Promote the mainstreaming and up-scaling of climate-smart agriculture within the broader development goals;
  • Facilitate the implementation of concrete actions linking agriculture-related investments, policies, and measures with the transition to climate –smart agriculture ;
  • Build global partnerships for resilience of agriculture, forestry and fisheries to climate change;
  • Promote the application of scientific solutions, information and policies conducive to increased and sustainable agricultural production yields, productivity and sustainable development;
  • Explore and share knowledge and responses of agriculture to climate change with emphasis on climate-smart agriculture; low carbon farming practices; conservation and new technological approaches conducive to productivity, adaptation and mitigation;

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