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HLPE. Water and food security - Call for Experts
14 November 2013

The UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS) in its 40th Session (October 2013) requested its High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition (HLPE), to undertake a study on Water and Food Security, to feed into its policy discussions at CFS 42 (October 2015).

The HLPE is now calling for candidatures to the Project Team for this study.

The call is open until 10th December 2013. The Project Team will work from January 2014 until mid-March 2015.

To download the application form visit Please do reply by mail to before 10 December 2013.

For this study the HLPE seeks a range of expertise and disciplines bringing together broad perspectives on the issue of water and food security, including the technical, economic, institutional, and social dimensions of policy and practice.

The CFS request reads as follows: “In the follow-up of major international events such as Rio+20 and the World Water Forum, the HLPE will further explore the Water and food security issue. Water has an important role in food security through its multiple impacts on: health and nutrition (drinking water, cooking water, sanitary aspect/diseases), on agricultural production (access to water, water management, improvement of irrigation and dryland agriculture) and on food processing (water management, quality of water…). This topic should be seen in the wider context of the nexus between water, soil, energy and food security which is recognised as a pillar of inclusive growth and sustainable development. The HLPE report could put together information on how countries and regions are addressing the management of this important resource.

Through a food security lens, the HLPE will focus its analysis on water for agricultural production and food processing, taking also into account gender-related aspects. More specifically, the HLPE could, from a food security perspective, assess the impacts of water management practices on food security, including water usage for agricultural production, food processing and other ways of consumption. It should also consider in particular issues related to the sustainability of irrigation systems, the salinization of agricultural land and the reduction of the quality of the ground water. On this basis, it will give appropriate recommendations so as to improve water and food security policies, as well as coordination among the different fields and actors at all levels, with a long-term perspective.”

The Steering Committee will conduct an electronic consultation on a draft scope of the Study, to be launched early December 2013 until 15 January 2014.

The HLPE Steering Committee will appoint the Project Team after review of candidatures.

See for any documents regarding the HLPE, and the process for elaboration of reports, including the internal procedures and methodological guidelines. Please refer to the attached timeline.

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