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Indian Farmers Benefit From Innovative Training Programme
24 October 2013

Farmers worldwide are challenged with rapidly growing populations and demand for more food. To address this urgent situation, they must be equipped with knowledge and tools to maximise crop production with minimal environmental impact. For farmers in the Adoni region of Andhra Pradesh, India, training on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and the responsible use and safe storage of crop protection products has made a dramatic difference in improving production practices and farmer livelihoods.

The Training Through Local Partnerships programme in Adoni was the result of a 2009 collaboration between CropLife International, CropLife Asia and CropLife India and two regional Indian organisations. By training farmers to train other farmers in locally adapted ways, the Adoni project serves as an innovative model for agricultural education and training in rural communities. It incorporates activities such as inspecting crops, identifying beneficial insects, deciding if and when crop protection products are needed, properly applying them, wearing personal protection equipment, triple rinsing empty product containers and safely storing crop protection products.

“We are seeing positive impacts in Adoni,” says Paul Raja Rao, executive director of Bharati Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS), a local organisation responsible for evaluating the training programme. “A high percentage of farmers are attending the sessions. As a result, we are seeing better crops, new business opportunities and improved livelihoods for farmers in this area.”

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